Q: What is your paint made of?

A: All PROSHAR paintballs are made from 100% bio and environmentally friendly ingredients and are easily washed off with water. In the production of our paintballs we use components, which are also widely distributed in cosmetology and medicine: gelatin for the shell, glycerol, sorbitol and PEG for the filler. We have developed unique formulas for each grade of PROSHAR paintballs, which ensures a balance of break-ability, high accuracy and stable trajectory according to the customers application.

Q: Are you a new company?

A: No we have been making paintballs since 2009 in Europe.  You might have just heard of us now as we just recently started to sell paintballs in North America, but in fact we are the largest European manufacturer of paintballs and well known in Europe for our premium quality paintballs and unmatched service.

Q: Where do you sell in the USA?

A:  We have just opened two USA distribution centers (one in the southeast and one in the midwest to services dealers) and we are actively seeking new business partners interested in our products: CONTACT HERE

Q: How do we contact Proshar?

A: You can find ALL of our contact information: HERE

Q: Do you sponsor teams?

A: Yes we feel it is extremely important to support teams that help to grow our sport beyond simple recreational activity.  This is why we have joined as a Platinum Sponsor of the NXL to give those teams the level of quality and service they deserve.  If you are interested in becoming a PROSHAR team use this link to contact us: SPONSORSHIP